New Single "Sometimes" now on Country Radio

Steve’s new single is dedicated to those veterans and their families whose sacrifices made it possible for the choices and changes made in this country, good or bad, by people who may or may not know those who put our safety ahead of their own.God bless our veterans active, retired and those who are still looking after us from above.

“I would like to personally express my thanks to ALL veterans and their families and encourage everyone to shake the hand of those who wear a veteran cap or have a veteran license plate – tell them you appreciate their service. They are heroes who travel among us mostly unnoticed and unrecognized for their selflessness and courage.

It would be an honor to offer this single to all veterans and their families to use as they see fit. Send me your email and I will send it to you with my compliments.
God bless you and thank you”

Steve Zuwala

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